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Wucan,  2024

The soundscape of Wucan is energetic: Hard rock, acid folk, psychedelic rock, and blues elements fuse to an electrifying musical blend. The band describes their style as Heavy Flute Rock inspired by the sounds of the 70s and 80s. Just like headbanging mushrooms their psychedelic riffs and flute based hymns pop up from the ground, pushed by the powerful vocals of lead singer Francis Tobolsky – an organic heavy rock statement tipping its hat to folk and funk. Founded in Dresden in 2011.

Wucan quickly made it to the notorious festivals and conquered the stages as a live support band for the Swedish blues rockers Siena Root. Their debut album “Sow the Wind” was released in 2015, making them celebrated newcomers. Since then the band has taken steps on new, progressive ways making us very much look forward to welcome Wucan on the Dong volcano!

Don't Break The Oath

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