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NanowaR of Steel

NanowaR of Steel,  2024

What do fiery Nordic rhythms, sober pirates and a certain Mr. Cthulhu have in common? That’s right, they’re all subjects sung about by Italy’s hottest export since the invention of lasagna. We are, of course, talking about NanowaR of Steel, who have been making fun of metal and other genres for a good 20 years, not even stopping at genre giants such as Alestorm, Sabaton or Take That!

In 2022, the crazy band around frontman Potowotominimak kicked off a big party at Mount Moshmore. But this year NanowaR of Steel are going to do you one better and promise to turn the parody dials up to at least 11. Attention: The metal grandpas themselves have already noted that they are getting older by the day. We can therefore only warmly recommend that you properly pay homage to the band before they move on to a well-deserved retirement!

Pasadena 1994

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