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Equilibrium,  2024

We owe one of the most memorable shows in Dong history to Equilibrium – and one of the earliest as well. 2004, about one hour before the legendary Armageddong storm, the band played a show which revealed them to be the newcomer of the year – a demo band with no label and long before any streaming services.

In 2016, the guys from Upper Bavarian returned to the hill. And since all good things come in three, and we really don’t want to jinx our luck with these laws of nature, we decided it would be good to invite the epic metal heads once more! With their third singer.

Their pagan roots are a thing of the past. Instead, both fans of symphonic metal and those who like melo-death blasts will get their money’s worth. Our recommendation for neck muscle training is Equilibrium’s newest song “Shelter” to learn all about the new member Fabian, who will happily prove he doesn’t fall short of his predecessors. Their album “Renegades” that was released shortly before the Pandemic hit is an excellent thing to bring up the hill with the best intentions of kicking your asses! Get ready for a major party!

Cerulean Skies

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