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Deserted Fear

Deserted Fear,  2024

Melodic Death Metal and Germany’s loudest hill have a certain tradition. This is probably more than enough of a reason to invite Deserted Fear for another dance on Mount Moshmore. During their fourteen years of band history, Manuel, Fabian, and Simon gathered a loyal crowd of fans, and set out in Eisenberg to conquer the stages of Europe alongside big acts including Insomnium and Obituary.

Back in 2019, the guys graced us with their presence and tore down the hill with their brute riffs, prior to settling down a little due to the pandemic. But in 2024, the Thuringian trio returns with their most recent record “Doomsday”! And how could we possibly better celebrate the end of the world than moshing with a drink in your hand, right in front of the stage with the perfect view? The melo death commando Deserted Fear will definitely provide the perfect soundtrack!

Part Of The End

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