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Nephylim,  2024

They waited a long time - but after five years of band history, in 2020 Nephylim created a black pearl on the metal horizon: their debut album “Severance of Serenity”. Their breakthrough came two years later: their victory at the Dutch Wacken MetalBattle and many other memorable appearances at renowned festivals, allowed Nephylim to play their way into the hearts of all those who feel at home with Nordic melodic death metal.

The five guys from the Netherlands follow role models such as Insomnium, Gatherum, Wolfheart and Be’lakor. Tijn Boster, the lead singer, uses his growls to drive the instrumental passages over high tempo peaks and through melancholic lowlands. Nephylim break your daily routines and tap into the bottom-fermented veins of your campsites. So hold on, loyal dong followers, Nephylim are brewing something for you!


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