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The Night Flight Orchestra

The Night Flight Orchestra,  2024

Twelve years after their debut, Sweden’s The Night Flight Orchestra has long been an established institution in the classic rock and AOR scene. With six great albums in the bag and shows at various well-known festivals, the band led by Björn Strid (Soilwork) and Sharlee D'Angelo (Arch Enemy) have played their way into the hearts of fans. It is long overdue that the Swedes, who once almost played on a Scandinavian Airlines flight, document a stop at the Dong Open Air in their passport.

You like Journey, Foreigner and Magnum? You won’t to suffer a crash landing with these friendly airline staff. But you’re afraid of flying? Then quickly check out our safety instructions in the form of the classic rock gem "If Tonight's Our Only Chance" or the driving nostalgia number "White Jeans".

Dear metalheads, please bring your seats in an upright position and fasten your seatbelts! The TNFO jumbo jet is ready to take off!


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