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Tyranthrope,  2024

Apart from music, the town of Krefeld is commonly known as the City of Velvet and Silk. Although Tyranthrope do come from our neighboring city, the combo has no intention of flattering your ears with fluffy or soft musical endeavors. Instead, the Krefeld troupe blasts a refreshingly snotty thrash-metal-hardcore-punk hammer around your ears. Even though the messieurs Pelser, Groß and Schwert only started their thrash commando in 2020, they have been firmly rooted in the local metal underground for more than 20 years.

So it hardly comes as a surprise that quotes from various genre classics are just as much a part of their concept as the fact that they absolutely cannot deny a certain affinity to veterans like Slayer and Sick Of It All. The band is completed by Paddy Wassenberg (Motorjesus) and Lars Zehner (Harkon). Tyranthrope are going to turn all the dials up to 11 and offer you the best opportunity to unhook your neck and bang like there's no tomorrow to songs like “Hollow Democracy” and “Venomous.”


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