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Escuela Grind

Escuela Grind,  2024

In their live guise, Escuela Grind shatter even the sturdiest eardrums. Drums, electric guitar and electric bass shatter, interspersed with barking growls from lead singer Katerina Economou. The US band is a feast for lovers of grindcore and powerviolence.

In an interview with Fuze Magazine in 2022, Escuela Grind say they are the band you play to your little cousin to get them interested in heavy music. And they are right. With their 2020 debut album “Indoctrination”, they already set the bar high. But the follow-up “Memory Theater” cuts straight through the auditory canal and presents songs of two to three minutes each – an almost epic length for the genre. An architect by profession, Economou has laid down a ruler here and created a razor-sharp building with a “Hostel” feel. Get ready to have Escuela Grind hammer the sleep out of your eyes at Dong.

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