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Chaosbay,  2024

Wherever the Berlin based prog machine Chaosbay appears, you can see mosh pits springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Heavy riffs and catchy melodies go hand in hand with infernal growls and clean vocals. With an exciting blend of prog, djent, core, and pop, this insider tip hits you so much hard with their prog and metal, Chaosbay could easily open a hammer shop.

Germany’s toughest boyband (est. 2012) has been keeping the scene and the trade press on the edge of their seats since their debut and – with songs like “Are you afraid?” and “Revolution” - ensures that even those who are averse to prog metal will find themselves nodding along to the beat. We are delighted that Chaosbay will be paying us a visit on Mount Moshmore this year to kick your musical ass and open new musical horizons!


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