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Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian,  2024

About fourty years ago, not far from the fateful Mount Moshmore in beautiful Krefeld, four courageous champions came together under the name of Lucifer’s Heritage to indulge in speed metal. Shortly after, you may have already assumed, they found a new name, and Blind Guardian were born. Their bombastic “Nightfall in Middle Earth” would have been the final step to crown Hansi and his guys to one of the best-known metal acts in Germany, earning them one Top 10 placement after another with their blend of speed, prog, and thrash. Their most recent record “The God Machine” promptly entered the charts on #2.

In the year 2022, the Krefeld bards already got on the arduous Journey Through the Dong to chant the legendary Bard’s Song with you. And you did oh so well! Do you think you can recreate this magical moment and possibly even step it up a notch? Either way, we are already as excited as Gollum with the ring! My precious!

Mirror Mirror

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