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Harakiri for the Sky

Harakiri for the Sky,  2024

Melancholy, madness, aggression, and an almost ethereal power – Harakiri for the Sky create a unique sound blend somewhere between powerful black metal and atmospheric post-rock. As pioneers of the post-movement, the Austrians have impressed fans and critics with their multi-layered musical gems on five studio albums since their formation in 2011. The screams of lead singer J.J. mercilessly roll across both manic and soft cratered landscapes. Between desperation and aggression, the five guys create an unpredictable intensity that makes you want to fight, riot and incite chaos.

On several European tours, Harakiri for the Sky have drawn over twenty countries into a maelstrom of wrenching guitars, dynamic blast beats and classical harmonies. Now they are boarding the Dong volcano – get out on the infield, Dong crowd, huge sound massifs and ice-clear rage await you!

I, Pallbearer

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