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Dust Bolt

Dust Bolt,  2024

In 2007, the guys from Dust Bolt came together as the high school band “Die Letzten” in Landsberg am Lech. Back then, nobody could have guessed that the youngsters would soon become a not-so-secret insider tip in the thrash metal scene. This isn’t the first time Dust Bolt show you what’s what in thrash at the Dong hill. The four friends were so well received by you, we just didn’t have any other option but to book them

Fans of the old sound will have to be very strong now: Even though Dust Bolt still feel musically at home in the Bay Area, the guys are breaking with convention in 2024 and rejuvenating their sound with significantly more clean vocals and a hefty dose of rock’n’roll. Their mission? To catapult metal into a new era and once again become a powerful mouthpiece that also speaks for the younger generation. Dust Bolt are tearing down Mount Moshmore and you are the sledgehammer!

Leave Nothing Behind

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