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Elvellon,  2024

Symphonic metal band Elvellon can look forward to one of the shortest commute to the gig. Founded 14 years ago and only a stone's throw away from the Halde in the tranquil town of Moers, the quintet's orchestral bombast delights goths and metalheads alike. The epic-symphonic soundscapes and frontwoman Nele's voice, highly praised by the trade press, are balm for the ears and create an absolutely unique atmosphere.

After various impressive appearances at renowned festivals such as Metalfest, Rockharz and Metal Hammer Paradise, we are delighted to welcome Elvellon back to the Dong Open Air for the third time. Follow the “Heroes of tomorrow” into a world of fantasy at their home game on Mount Moshmore and let yourself be enchanted by the magical sounds. Elvellon will cast a spell over any crowd in no time at all.

Born From Hope

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