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The Night Eternal

The Night Eternal,  2024

Guitar-driven songs from the very bosom of the Ruhr region: The Night Eternal have been touring Essen and the world since 2019 and are Germany’s newest lightsaber in heavy metal. The two albums “Moonlit Cross” and “Fatale” not only ignited a loyal underground fanbase – Renowned metal magazines such as Deaf Forever and Metal Hammer also praised the five guys.

The Night Eternal wrap the genre sounds of NWOBHM in a dark garment and mix burning riffs and catchy melodies into a creamy and powerful metal brew. Thanks to the outstanding and unmistakable voice of singer Ricardo Baum, the band is unforgettable both on record and on stage After 60 minutes with the Essen power pack, you’ll feel like you saw Mercyful Fate, Type 0 Negative, Danzig and early Iron Maiden in a gothic version of a rollerball duel.

Plans for the Dong Hill: The Night Eternal will roll your asses off!

In Tartarus

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