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Neurotic Machinery

Neurotic Machinery,  2024

If you like Czech death metal, the deadly combo Neurotic Machinery is right down your alley. Founded in 2006 in the Pilsen beer region, the band has released six albums and one EP. The band’s style, which combines elements of death, post metal and post rock, has won over critics and fans alike. Today, the guys have over 400 concerts under their belts and organize their own metal festival, the Husman Festival, in their hometown.

On Mount Moshmore, Martin, Michal, Ondřej, Jan and Kristián present you with their latest album “A Loathsome Abberation,” a brutal slap in the face that even surpasses its predecessor “Nocturnal Misery” in terms of brute force. When Neurotic Machinery kick off their slightly proggy death steamroller, we expect at least one big circle pit in front of the stage! Don’t miss this neurotic jewel of technical death metal!


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