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Drone,  2024

Wherever the neo-thrash squadron Drone touches down, total escalation is the order of the day. Founded in Celle no less than 20 years ago, Drone only know one speed: full throttle! At countless festivals and live shows with Arch Enemy, Overkill, and others, the quartet has left behind nothing but a trail of destruction. Six years ago, the guys also played at Mount Moshmore and made the tent and the hill shake with their rough grooving thrash.

After what felt like far too long a creative break, Mutz, Marcelo, Felix and Fabian are back on duty to blast your ear canals with a solid mix of thrash and rock'n'roll. Drone are in the mood to celebrate a 101% sex metal demolition party at the Dong while enjoying the most beautiful view. The guitars are tuned, the vocal cords oiled. Now all that’s missing is you. Can we count on you?

Hammered, Fucked and Boozed

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