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Scarnival,  2024

Scarnival from Hanover are a multifaceted melodic death metal band from the good old Gothenburg school making their way to Mount Moshmore. The Sweden steel inspired crew already honored us with their presence in 2014 but had to make do with the old stage tent back then. Ten years have passed since then, the tent has given way to a chic open-air stage and the “new” old acquaintance, Alex, is now firmly grabbed on to the mic. Apart from that, not much has changed.

As always, the Lower Saxons stand for blasting, modern melo-death with traditional “in your face” riffs and socio-critical themes. Scarnival push their fingers into the festering wounds of modern society without any consideration. Crowd-pleasing gigs with Annihilator, Tankard, Vader and other heroes of theirs have already been crossed off the band’s personal bucket list. The circus is in town! Come to the ring and let the luminaries of death metal hit you hard!

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