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Water and showers

At the shower camp you can fill your own containers with drinking water. At the counters which sell outside the stage tent area, you will receive discounted mineral water. There, you can get a bottle for the same price as a cup inside.

Please note the opening hours of the shower camp:

Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.
Friday / Saturday: 8.00 to 2.00 a.m.
Some of the flush toilets are open around the clock, regardless of these opening hours. In addition to the shower camp there are as usual numerous Dixi cabins at your disposal, which are emptied and cleaned several times a day.

Please understand if there are delays in the shower camp due to the exchange of water tanks. There is no running water on the hill, which is why we are dependent on working with tanks.

Access to the shower camp is granted for a coupon, which can be purchased at the ticket office. Or through a flatrate wristband for the entire duration of the festival.

See our site plan for orientation: