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Frequently asked questions:


The campground opens on Thursday morning at 09:00, the parking lot opens at 08:00.

Set your GPS for Halde Norddeutschland or “Geldernsche Str. 168, 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn" and follow the signs and instructions of our crew.

Ascend to the hilltop

If you want to get from your car to the hilltop, you can either walk up the hill or take the taxi shuttle (for a small cash fee) directly at the foot of the Himmelsleiter stairs. The Himmelsleiter stairs up the hill are blocked/off limits for safety reasons for the duration of the D.O.A.

Banned items

For obvious reasons, glass bottles (unless it’s a food item etc. on the campground), weapons, items imitating weapons, anti-constitutional symbols, as well as any racists, xenophobic, and/or radical political propaganda, laserpointers, projectile/missiles, fireworks and pyrotechnics, illegal drugs, and animals (with the exception of service dogs) are banned. We reserve the right to expel anyone from the premises who violates this rule.

Please also keep in mind not to bring studded/riveted wristbands that may hurt others.


Camping on the hill is included in your ticket. You can camp up on the hill so you’re never far from the shows, food, and beer. Please note that you cannot bring your car up the hill or to the campground.


You can park your caravans at the foot of the hill (see “parking” for details). You cannot park on the hill on the campground!

Important: With caravans and trailers that do not require more than one regular parking spot, you need one parking ticket. If you need two spots for your vehicle/trailer, you will need two parking tickets!

Crowdsurfing, stagediving, pogo, moshpit etc.

We cannot take responsibility for any kind of pogo, stagediving, crowdsurfing etc. This is all at your own risk and responsibility. Please look out for your fellow Dong goers.

Wall Of Death is banned. Should there be a wall of death or an initiation thereof, we reserve the right to stop/cancel a show and dismiss anyone involved in it from the premises. Without refunding your ticket price, of course.

Drinks / deposit system

We use reusaeble cups at and change a deposit of half a voucher for it. You can get your deposit back as you return the empty cups at the box office/voucher booth.

Food and drinks

Just like every year, there will be a selection of food booths providing meals. But of course, you can bring your own ravioli etc. And heat them up on your camping stove (no charcoal grills!).

You can exchange your beverage vouchers (available ahead of time in our online shop or at the festival’s voucher booth) for bloody cold drinks on the hill.

Glass ban

We currently do not have a band on glass bottles etc. on the campground.

In the stage area, however, our security staff will enforce a glass ban for your own safety.

Handicap, people with

People with a handicapped ID that specifically states they are entitled to or require a caretaker to accompany them, may bring their caretaker free of charge with the relevant documentation provided.

This year (2024) we are introducing a new partner, Sanitätshaus Hodey, a service provider for medical needs. Wheelchair users can request wheelchair friendly shuttle trips from the foot of the hill to the top. Please request your trip(s) at Karsten-Stoppa@hodey.de. We will be providing parking spots for the service.

On the hilltop, Hodey will set up a booth near the Malteser (Order of the Malta Volunteers, essentially our first aid spot), providing wheelchair rental, wheelchair repair services, and a spot to charge your electric wheelchair or respirator (CPAP machine). Please bring your own chargers!

Hearing protection

We highly recommend you wear hearing protection in the stage area. If you forgot your ear plus, don’t worry, our voucher booth sells them for a small fee while supplies last.

Hill, the

Please not that the Dong hill is a landscape protection area. Because of this and a number of other factors, there are a few rules to be followed, for example, open fire (and barbecues!) are not allowed and you can’t camp by your car. Please keep our holy hill clean, and don’t leave any trash behind, otherwise we may not be allowed to return next year.

We strongly advise against exploring the slopes and areas outside of the official festival and camping areas and roads. The terrain is neither safe nor accessible.

Lost & Found

Please pay attention to any valuables you may bring and do not leave the in your tent. Of course, we have a small Lost & Found at the box office / voucher booth. Please check there if you miss anything.

We currently do not have lockers.


Dong Open Air map

Open Fire

Open fire (charcoal grills, bonfires, torches etc.) are not allowed on the hill. The Dong Open Air takes place on a stockpile/mine heap, an artificial hill made from the “leftovers” of local coal mining. The coal the hill contains and open fire are a terrible combination – so we have official ordinances to abide by.

Gas cookers are not a problem.


At the foot of the hill, there are the Dong Open Air parking lots P1, P2 and P3. The charge is €15 for four day (Thu-Sun). Tickets for P1 and P3 can be purchased online via our online shop. Parking on P2 can be paid when you get there. Please find the map of our parking options here.

Please not that you CANNOT PARK ON THE HILL. If you want to get from your car to the hilltop, you can either walk up the hill or take the taxi shuttle (for a small cash fee) directly at the foot of the Himmelsleiter stairs.

Make sure not to park your car outside of legal parking zones/spots, otherwise you may not find your car once the festival is over.

Pictures etc of you

Please note that tv stations occasionally drop by the festival, and a number of photographers walks around taking lots of pictures. If you come to the festival, you consent to having your pictured published in the media.

Riots, violence, and extreme political paroles

If you feel like disturbing our peaceful event by the means of violence, excessive noise, extreme political speech or anything of that kind, please rest assured that we will be using our legal means to expell you from the festival. Obviously without refunding your ticket price. Should this not suffice, we’ll be happy to have the police help us remove you from the premises.

Sanitary facilities:

There are chemical toilets available free of charge in various spots on the campground and on the festival area. Additionally, we have a shower camp (with flush toilets) at a central location. This festival luxury costs €10 for the entire weekend.


Please check “sanitary facilities”.


Our shuttles between parking lot and festival area are available at the following times:
Thursday: 09.00 - 01.00
Friday / Saturday: 10.00 - 01.00
Sunday: 08.00 - 12.00 Uhr


Please check “sanitary facilities”.

Trade / commerce / sales

Unless explicitly approved by us trade / commerce /sale of any kind is prohibited on the premises.


Please avoid unnecessary trash. On the one hand, this is a major financial cost factor for the festival, on the other hand, the Dong hill is a protected area that needs to be cleaned meticulously, so we don’t get in trouble with the authorities.

The amount of trash and the efforts required for the clean up each year have, unfortunately, forced us to charge a trash deposit of €5/person. This is added to your festival ticket price when you purchase it. You also receive an additional trash deposit ticket. As you get your wristband, we’ll provide you with a trash bag. Throughout the festival, as well as on Sunday, you can return your filled trash bag and your trash deposit ticket to get your deposit back. We will be using common sense in terms of how full the trash bags need to be for you to get your money back. They don’t have to be filled to the brim, but a single tissue won’t be enough.

There are trash cans and a large trash container on the premises. Use them.

Please avoid breaking glass and make sure your tent pegs make it home with you. The paragliders using the hill for their sport will thank you for obvious reasons.

Under 18 / Minors

If you are under 18, please get the following form in which your parents/legal guardians can transfer their obligatory supervision to an adult they trust, so that adult can accompany you. You can find the form (in German) here. Have your parents/legal guardians fill it out. You can stay at the festival as long as you want provided your supervisor is there with you.

If you are between the age of 12 and 17, check if there’s still discounted under 18 / youth tickets available in our shop. If you are younger than 12, you get in free of charge. Both cases require a legal guardian (or appointed supervisor) with a valid ticket to accompany you.

Make sure your kids have PROPER HEARING PROTECTION! (“Mickey Mouse”)


We exclusively accept vouchers at our beverage bars. You can buy them ahead of time in our online shop or buy them at the festival at the voucher booth. Please think about how much you’re going to drink (or replenish after a while) because you cannot return vouchers.