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Fiddler’s Green and four other bands!

24.01. 2020

Germany's Irish folk band No. 1 return to the Dong Open Air! After they celebrated their 25th band anniversary with us five years ago, they have a new motto: “3 cheers for 30 years” - and you may have already assumed it: They will celebrate the 30th birthday of their own creation, the Irish speed folk!

From the Irish to the British – we're moving on to Oliver / Dawson Saxon! The ex-Saxon members Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson are looking forward to introduce you to their NWOBHM pioneer work of the 70s and 80s.

Surgical Strike from Hildesheim, on the other hand, serve you a decent slap in the neck. Their aggressive and fast thrash metal makes you dream of circle pits – and with Drone's Marcelo and Bloodwork's Moritz, we already have two guys, who know how to spin you round ;)

We're going to get a similar treat from Staredown from the Ruhr area. Instead of thrash, they celebrate hardcore. And ever so great that Billy of Biohazard even screamed along on booty Sunday.

And the cherry on the cake are Scardust from Tel Aviv! The Israeli prog metal heads around front lady Noa already thrilled the Dong in 2018 and they are returning this summer with new material, bombast and playfullness included.

Find out more about the acts that have been annouced so far in our band profiles.

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Metal is the law!
Your Dong Team