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Scardust,  2022

Are you up for some Disney meets Symphony X with a dash of Arch Enemy? Then Scardust are right for you! The quintet from Tel Aviv is the hottest iron in female fronted progressive metal Israel has to offer these days. Only founded in 2015, the combo performed a creative tightrope walk between progressive and symphonic metal on the very Dong hill in 2018.

Either with all the feelings (Sand of Time) or infernal growls (Queen of Insanity), vocal virtuosa Noa’s distinctive and versatile voice is the immovable centerpiece of the band, dynamically supported by the grand skills of her band colleagues. Deeply rooted in the classical world, the debut album “Sands of Time” beamed the band to the top of the Middle Eastern prog guard and got them shows with Symphony X, Epica, and others. This year you can get ready for a rich best of, as well as a some brand new songs from the new album!

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