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Oliver / Dawson Saxon

Oliver / Dawson Saxon,  2021

In 1994 the Saxon founding members Graham Oliver and Steve Lawson celebrated a reunion under the label “Son of a Bitch.” Then, in 2000, the two NWOBHM veterans renamed their project due to legal disputes about their name, and reemerged as Oliver/Dawson Saxon. And ever since then, the duo stands for classic, no frills heavy metal, using songs like “World’s Gone Crazy” to take the gentle listener in a well-greased time machine and to the times of smoky bars, jeans, and studs.

We got our metal jeans vests from the wardrobe, and can only recommend you do the same.” Because the metal legends ODS will not only play you their own material from their most recent album “Motorbiker.” It seems quite unlikely that there wouldn’t be at least a hand full of Saxon classics on the set list of the Brits. Grab a beer, hail the metal gods, and let that hair fly! The motorbikers are in town!

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