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Waste prevention and lavatory situation

06.07. 2022

This won't be a surprise to any of you, but the Dong Open Air 2022 is dealing with rising cost and difficulty finding staff. Which makes it even more important that everyone who is attending makes sure there is as little waste/garbage as possible during the festival. Please make use of our extended supply of trash bags and cans. Just like during our Moshbox shows, there will be single use ash trays in the infield which you can dispose in the trash cans. Yes, this means the total amount of garbage increases, but it keeps us from picking up every single cigarette butt after the weekend.

Please make sure you take home all your tent pegs. The paragliders who use the hill for their hobby will appreciate it. Please make sure you do not leave any tent or party tent ruins on the hill. Take them down and dispose of them. Please also make sure to avoid bringing glass. Having to pick up shards is something we'd like to avoid – and it'd minimize the related risk of injury.

We do our best to make the Dong a little better every time. This year, there will be pumps to conquer the 100m in altitude difference, getting water for our sanitary camp. There still isn't a wastewater connection, so providing this option means there's still quite a bit of effort and extra cost. We appreciate your understanding that this means we have to charge / offer “lavatory tickets” for you to access the WC toilets and showers. Because of the previously mentioned lack of staff, we can only make the sanitary camp accessible from the camping area, not from the infield, although it's just right next to it. For the first time, however, there will be porta-potties in the infield – additionally also at the campground, of course. Bottom line: You won't have to walk as far to get to a toilet.

See you next week!
Your Dong Team