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Waste prevention

09.07. 2018

Unnecessary garbage leaves a particularly bitter aftertaste when it is left on the Dong hill. The hill serves as a local recreation area all year round, but it is also home to multifaceted animal wildlife. Garbage diminishes the quality of this refuge. On top of that, all the negative consequences fall back on the Dong Open Air as we're the event that occupies the hill for the longest duration throughout the year, and the only ones that offer camping.

In order to keep the festival cost-effective, we always have to pass the trash removal / cleanup charges on to you. But regardless of the financial aspect, we would like you to cause as little garbage as possible – and to use the bags, cans, and containers we provide.

Please, don't bring glass items, don't bring confetti cannons, unless they're equipped with bio-degradable confetti.
Avoid breaking glass, and if you come across any, carefully collect them and throw them in a trash can – you're helping make sure no one is getting hurt.
If you don't see a point in taking home your tent, your pavilion, or any other camping equipment, please take them apart, and put them in a trash container.

The Dong Hill, the Halde Norddeutschland, is one of the most beautiful event venues Germany has to offer. It immediately loses a great deal of its appeal, when people mistake the mine dump from the surrounding former coal mines as a landfill.

Thank you all for cooperating,
Your Dong Team