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Running Order 2023 is here!

29.03. 2023

Today is the day you find out when your favorites will be playing: the running order of Dong Open Air 2023 is here!

But don't just check the playing times of the bands you already know, also lend an ear to those that may still be able to surprise you. As always, we focused on local bands, special options and up-and-coming acts.

Before throwing the towel after 35 years in the business, Contradiction will play their last Dong show, Hans Lazer Alien Slam invite you to an 80s nostalgia morning pint, Diablo Swing Orchestra is definitely slightly crazy and with Kanonenfieber, Angus McSix and From Fall to Spring, we found our trio of the hottest sh*t – in subgenres that could not be more different.

And that's just a fraction of what you can discover before the headliners play this year. Listen to the wild bunch of thrash, folk, melodeath, horror-punk, post-black-metal, soprano-swing, power-metal, deathcore, and alternative-metal that we proudly present in our band profiles.

You can only attend on one of the three days? No problem, from Sunday at 11 o'clock you will also find day passes in our shop.

Grab your best buddies and join us!

Your Dong Team