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Final hours of the band application phase 2019!

24.10. 2018

We neglected looking at our counter for the past couple of days, but when we came back out to look, we almost dropped the shot into our beer. Our server was about to burst!

We would usually keep our applications open until Oct 31st, however we had a huge run for our application form without even sending out a reminder. So we feel prompted to make today the last day for your application for the 19th Dong Open Air, taking place from Jul 11th to 13th.

We are excited about all the discovery and developments from near and far, but we are afraid that we may not manage to get through all of the applications in time.
Please don't take offence from our short term notice, we're trying our best to get the process of working through a couple hundred applications into our every day lives.

Many thanks for your very appreciated, incredible interest!

Your Dong Team