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Early-Bird-Tickets sold out - Countdown-Tickets on sale!

05.02. 2023

From now on, the Countdown-Tickets, the tickets of the second price level for the Dong 2023 are on sale. The early bird tickets are sold out - thank you very much!

Like you, we notice that our server is currently running at the limit and order processes can only be carried out slowly. Of course, we have increased the capacity for the pre-sale start and also selected the maximum possible capacity. However, ticket demand seems to be significantly higher than in previous years - please be patient.

It happened that a wrong, cheaper price was displayed in a preview of the Early-Bird-Ticket. This price was that of another product in the shop that was incorrectly assigned. This is very unpleasant for us, please excuse this faux pax.

We are very pleased about the very large popularity, which we hope to be able to read from the great demand. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Your Dong Team