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Dong 2021: 9 to 5 at the open plan office

01.04. 2021

For the year, we have been watching the development of the pandemic and have been working on appropriate reactions and effective strategies. The live shows in our Moshbox in the past July and August were one of the measures in this extraordinary situation. Keeping our physical distance, sticking to the hygiene concept, and presenting everything out in the open, we made concerts possible and underlined their great value to society.

As to be expected, the scientific knowledge in the fight against the spread of the virus has grown by now, so we have put together an even more effective strategy for the summer of 2021. Unfortunately, we will have to swallow a bitter pill: The Dong Open Air moves. Away from the Dong hill, to a place that has proven to be a place for minimal health risks in these past twelve months. While schools, restaurants, and retail are closed, festivals were cancelled and access to supermarkets was regulated by a small count of shopping carts, we did find a place that required no masks and proved to be a safe haven: The open plan office.

Within view of the Dong hill, we managed to rent an office park that has several dozen open plan offices. Each band of the Dong Open Air line up will get their own office and will play ten shows a day over three days of the festival. This way, everyone gets to see every band.
In order to maintain hygiene protocol, we will also have to move the campground. Far away from the lofty heights of the Dong hill, towards the closest, safest subway station of our local public transportation system. Safe commute to the office park is available of course, using the connection of the obvious proximity of sleeping area to trains and busses.

You see: The Dong Open Air 2021 will be moved to places which like no other brave the virus.
We'll hook you up with more details in the coming days.

Your Dong Team