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Date 2019 and start of band applications

21.08. 2018

Books out - exam coming up!

Don't panic, it's you still have time until the second weekend in July. The Dong Open Air 2019 will take place from July 11th to 13th - mark the date in your holiday calendar! Because we will demand everything of you again.

The applications for the 19th D.O.A are already running - as musicians you can become part of the main program! Literally all disciples of the rough guitar are invited to apply.
The only requirement is the provision of at least three audio samples in our online application portal. Origin, number of releases or record contract play only a subordinate role as usual.

Take the chance and play with bands like Sabaton, In Extremo, Testament or Arch Enemy one of your festival gigs in the best company on Mount Moshmore! Click here for the application form.