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Motorjesus,  2023

When the engines rev and the area in front of the stage suspiciously starts to resemble a pit lane, Motorjesus, Germany’s only band with integrated headlight flashers, can’t be far. The explosive blend of traditional metal and mangy high-octane rock is your guarantee for a wild mosh pit and proper thirst only beer can quench. Risking a vocal piston seizure because of you bawled along a little too hard? Your service oriented front man Chris may just have brought an extra can of beer from his discount supermarket shopping bag for you.

During their sixth pit stop at Mount Moshmore, the friendly road hogs from Mönchengladbach won’t show mercy and hit the pedal to the metal despite the current gas prices. One thing’s for sure: If Doc Brown had had a Motorjesus record in his glove compartment, he wouldn’t have needed that lightning strike to get the DeLorean to 88mph in record time.


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