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Warkings - Dong Open Air 2023

Warkings,  2023

A Roman tribune, a crusader, a viking, and a spartan meet in Valhalla over a horn of mead and are tasked by Odin to make power metal the new world religion… what sounds like the beginning of an odd joke, actually happened! And thus, it happened that this rather headstrong coalition of historical warriors has been keeping up the traditions of Hammerfall, Bloodbound, et al on the metal battle fields for the past five years.

The quartet, who has already been Vanguard to Powerwolf, receives battle support from Morgana Le Fay, who – despite centuries of lore misrepresenting this – has proven to be rather feisty! No wonder the lady from King Arthur’s time wants to set things right and tell the story from her perspective. So come with us to Castellum Moshmore and join the Warkings warriors. You’re in for a historic event nobody would like to miss!


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