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The Crimson Ghosts - Dong Open Air 2023

The Crimson Ghosts,  2023

For over two decades, The Crimson Ghosts have been kicking ass and taking names. Their powerful horror punk and memorable performances hold up against the Carnival echoes of their hometown Cologne, providing a healthy counterweight to the jesters, making people in front of the stages in and around Germany sweat.

Starting out as a Misfits cover band at first, The Crimson Ghosts have grown to be the top acts of their genre, releasing five studio albums with strong vocals, songs heavy on the hardcore side, and saturnine ballads. Currently, they’re working on their sixth record “Forevermore!” Be there when they set out to present their latest work to metal freaks at Dong. But watch out: The four guys from the Rhineland are planning to outplay their unforgettable 2019 Dong show – and to party with you harder than ever!

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