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Sapiency - Dong Open Air 2023

Sapiency,  2023

Fans of the Gothenburg school should probably get started on their stretching exercises, because just like eight years ago, the Frankfurt based metal force Sapiency is planning a major attack on your neck muscles! Already back in the day, the guys proved what they’re made (metal, obviously) and raised hell with you. A combination of intense riffs, technical finesse, and powerful tunes make the combo the best candidate to make the pit boil yet again.

These Hessians are not short on experience, as they have shared a stage with numerous well-known metal acts, including Tankard, Vater, and Sodom. You get a whiff of where this is going from their most recent album “For Those Who Never Rest”: No matter the resistance, Sapiency are not planning to settle down. Get ready for a proper melodic death destruction party!


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