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Saltatio Mortis - Dong Open Air 2023

Saltatio Mortis,  2023

Energetic rock, stomping beats, and folky instruments like bagpipes, shawm, and hurdy-gurdy all make up the ingredients for the secret sauce that moved Saltatio Mortis from their busking days in Karlsruhe to filling concert halls in different countries. Today, the magnificent Seven look back on over 20 years of band history. The illustrious troop easily connects medieval folk’n’roll with snotty punk rock that sticks it to the man.

Their shows are known for the never-ending bursts of energy and the sheer abundance of sinfully danceable music and pyro action. Acrobatic stunts included. Get ready for the colorful fireworks of contemporary topics, Nordic tales, and a little something more to broaden your horizons. Wer tanzt, stirbt nicht! (If you dance, you don’t die!) – Just a friendly reminder so you know where to be when Saltatio Mortis take the stage by storm!

My Mother Told Me

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