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Kanonenfieber - Dong Open Air 2023

Kanonenfieber,  2023

Soldiers’ uniform, balaclava, and melodic blackened death metal – the raging success of Kanonenfieber has stirred up the scene during the past years. Front man Noise founded the solo project was founded in 2020 in Bamberg and developed it in his home studio. While the world was slumbering along in the Covid blue, the Franconian pushed his debut Menschenmühle through the YouTube channel Black Metal Promotion and reaped the approval of metalheads across the globe.

Kanonenfieber feast on the life blood of black metal, using the genre as a merciless storm of artillery. The lyrical concept is based on letters and original documents from World War I. These sources are musically embedded into an atmospherically deep prairie of anger and despair. Deep guttural vocals, quickly bolted blast beats, symphonic guitar bonfires, and snarky samples of German propaganda speeches are Kanonenfiebers trademark, thundering through the metal scene. Despite their virginity, they have already played a number of well-known festivals. And this year, they’ll take the Dong by storm – Freaks in front of the crash barriers, be aware: Kanonenfieber will blast your hops from your pants!

Der Füsilier I

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