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Hans Lazer Alien Slam - Dong Open Air 2023

Hans Lazer Alien Slam,  2023

We learned as early as with Kreator, Sodom, and Grave Digger: The soil through with the Ruhr River flows is extremely fertile for metal music. Hans Lazer Alien Slam are yet another promising fresh blood example proving this theory since 2017. True, they’re a little virginal when it comes to live performances, but when it comes to taste, the guys have created a beautiful 80s revival of sound, imagery and congeniality like no one else. Like a fit blend of Hulk Hogan meets Heather Locklear heavy riffs, happy 8-bit samples, and sweaty testosterone make their way through a retro landscape under the in the yellow-red sun.

In their 2020 debut album Action Metal,Hans Lazer Alien Slam combine elements of death, heavy, thrash, and 80s metal with action loaded synth wave. A flickering love letter to all the heroes with the red head bands and barbarically perfect upper bodies from movies, shows, and music. No space for soft rolls and light beer – the Dong Hill will witness the birth of an action legend!


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