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Fateful Finality - Dong Open Air 2023

Fateful Finality,  2023

Back in 2017, Fateful Finality turned the Dong Open Air into a crushing maelstrom and enjoyed it so much, they would like to make it a tradition. Long story short: The Swabians will be back at the Hill in 2023 and will use their fine-tuned blend of solid riff ping pong of their two guitars, and the double vocals to blow the foam off your freshly poured beer.

Fans of Exodus, the Haunted, et al. will take much pleasure in the guys from Stuttgart. Especially, when Fateful Finality kick it off with their brand-new songs from their album “Emperor of the Weak,” things will escalate on and in front of the stage. They just know how to light up the audience with a single spark, burning the path for demolition. So just take the card, do not pass go, just get into the mosh pit immediately!

Now More than Ever

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