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Epica - Dong Open Air 2023

Epica,  2023

“Unite with your inner light, we should free ourselves from the shadows and the bondage of the night” - and it is with beer induced happiness that all symphonic metalheads realize that the bondage of the night cannot be released with shyness. On their 2021 release Omega, lead singer Simone Simons’ soprano glides in its customary clear, majestic, and proud way through the bombastically arranged soundscape. Like a diamond encrusted unicorn, Simons’ harmonic clean vocals push the hairy grunts of guitarist and band co-founder Mark Jansen forward.

Founded in 2002, the symphonic metal band from the Netherlands has released eight studio albums, and lit up the entire genre along with other well-known acts like Nightwish and Within Temptation. Over the years, the six band members have galloped across any and all noteworthy stages. This year, they’re moving on to free the dark bondage of Neukirchen-Vluyn – Epica will tear the black heard from the Dong hill! Fight your demons now!

The Skeleton Key

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