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damn!escape - Dong Open Air 2023

damn!escape,  2023

"Damn, it escaped!“ - this in-joke about a rodent lost in the depths of the rehearsal room of the band eventually inspired their official name. Much unlike the mouse, you will have a hard time getting away from this energetic hard rock, the secret ingredient of the Lüneburg based band’s success since 2014. Dark vibes and grumpiness? Absolutely not. Both mantra and challenge alike for these guys: Fuck off, let's party!

damn!escape clearly know how to flip the bird to a bad mood and instead kick your laziness in the musical butt. Be it the beautifully Mötley Crüe inspired glam banger “Winner”, the extremely groovy “Flagship”, or the snotty song “The Devil’s Friend”: The four guys from northern Germany did a good job rubbing that magic lantern and tickling out that adrenaline charged genie of the 80s!


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