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Burden of Grief - Dong Open Air 2023

Burden of Grief,  2023

Founded almost 30 years ago in Kassel, Burden of Grief are probably the most senior representatives of German melodic death metal to march up the difficult path to reach the top of our Holy Hill. And we already know them fairly well, as they joined us for our very first party up on Mount Moshmore in 2003!

The guys around Shouter Mike Huhmann forge their Swedish steel just the way the Gotheburg school intends it with a decent dash of thrash. So far, the band has released three demos, seven albums, and participated in three tribute records, amounting to a pretty empressive selection of repertoire. More than enough choice to kick some ass at the Dong Open Air.

With Dominik Hellmuth on guitar and Manuel Lüke on Drums, the Hessian bring two new faces along to the hill – and their current album “Eye of the Storm.” New blood and an everfresh mind set, Burden of will turn the crowd into an angry, headbaning mosh hurricane in no time!

We’ll see you in the Eye of the Storm!


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