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Außerwelt - Dong Open Air 2023

Außerwelt,  2023

Up for a musical journal into the unknown and the proverbial look beyond your own nose? Then do make sure you lend Außerwelt not only one, but two of your ears at the Dong Open Air! The Münster based band uses their unique blend of modern black metal, post-rock, and melodeath to rock you so hard, the shock waves will spread across Mount Moshmore. Quiet Neukirchen-Vluyn will have their seismographs explode!

The dark potpourri of screams, growls and multi-vocal parts complete the intricate sound experience. Außerwelt will fascinate and bind you with their atmospheric sound, just to turn around and beat you with their brutal blast beats until your brain runs out of your ears. These guys know what they’re doing as they have proven numerous times with acts including Primordial, Heretoir, and Sun Worship.

Friends of experimental, atmospheric sounds should not miss Außerwelt!

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