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Asphyx - Dong Open Air 2023

Asphyx,  2023

Asphyx are known for headstrong death metal, uncompromising doom passages and certain destruction. The Dutch formation has been celebrating death, frustration and ruin since 1987. Their debut album „The Rack”, published in the early 1990s, became a classic among Dutch death metal. Ever since then, they have favored us with nine further studio albums and a legendary blend of ulcerous soundscapes, claustrophobic riffs, and snarling vocals.

Spearheaded by singer Martin van Drunen, Asphyx are known as one of the most explosive bands of the underground. Their 2021 record „Necroceros” added even more aggression: Somewhere in between war, Templars, fantastic creatures, famines, and plastic surgery, the dry spell of the pandemic was turned into a creative masterpiece, which makes the last Death metalhead blush. So, this time on the Dong volcano: hard, harder, Asphyx. Dare to be there.


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