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Angus McSix - Dong Open Air 2023

Angus McSix,  2023

Epic battles? That’s what we know and love at the Dong hill, especially looking back at the Grailknights or Gloryhammer. Hold on! Gloryhammer? This rings a bell: The illustrious Angus McFife (Thomas Winkler) has put down his (Glory)Hammer and has risen to new grandeur with his magical sword Sixcalibur as Angus McSix. Together with Thalestris, queen of the lazer amazons (Thalìa Bellazecca, ex-Frozen Crown), and berserker Skaw! (Manu Lotter, ex Rhapsody of Fire), Angus now rides into battle against the dark arch demon Seebulon (Seeb Leverman, Orden Ogan).

Killing goblings and singing along to catchy hymns? Check! Epic battles, the stages of the universe have never seen? Check! Getting up on the hill and recruit the rabble? Check! Now you have a general idea of where this is going. If you want to know more, you can check out the long-awaited new single on January 19th, to get ready for a monumental escalation on Mount Moshmore.

Master of the Universe

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