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Amorphis - Dong Open Air 2023

Amorphis,  2023

Third time’s the charm – and that’s why we are quite particularly excited to welcome one of the most successful Finnish metal bands on our holy Hill for the third time! Bringing their most recent album “Halo” and their hair and mic wielding Tomi Joutsen, the six guys are going to teach you a little something about Finnish culture in the form of playful melodeath and progressive folk metal.

When Amorphis play their technically ambitious pieces that are partially inspired by the Finnish national epos Kalevala under the setting sun, we hope it’s not only our admiring heart that skips a beat. If you know Amorphis, you are well aware: These guys always deliver – and they don’t shy away from a musical surprise!

We leave you with one final warning up front: Prior to properly appreciating the prime export from the land of a thousand lakes, make sure you stretch those neck muscles. It’s for your own good.

On The Dark Waters

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