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Divide - Dong Open Air 2022

Divide,  2022

If you enjoy the rougher things in life, we want to warmly recommend Divide to you! Inspired by their idols Vader, Bolt Thrower, and Carcass, the Kiel based band blasts your ears with an unfiltered concentrate of death, thrash, and black metal. Naturally, their live shows hit you just as hard as you would expect from any of their well-known genre colleagues. The duo sticks to the essentials and bringing nothing but guitars and drums to the final battle.

With over ten years of band history and international tour experience in Europe, Russia, Brazil, and Columbia, Divide impressively demonstrate that two musicians are more than enough to bring down that stage. The guys’ most recent EP “Oblitherion” is their heaviest and still catchiest record yet. We hope by now, Divide have your undivided attention – but we must point out that can’t accept any liability for the potential of wrenched muscles!