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Bloodbath - Dong Open Air 2016

Bloodbath,  2016

Beside Behemoth, Bloodbath are the greatest gift that death metal has given the world in the past twenty years! The first album of the conglomerate consisting of members of Opeth, Katatonia, und Edge of Sanity in 2002 already showed that this band was not about name dropping. It is about musicians who were not using their full creative capacities in shaping genres with their main bands, but also felt like having some down to earth death metal fun as well.

“Resurrection Through Carnage” is not only the title of their debut, but also a decent description of their stage program. Bloodbath continue to honor the beginnings of Swedish death metal impressively to this day, making the metal scene listen up each time a rare hint about a new album is dropped. The same is true for live shows. The dates of their concerts are few and far between, making the Dong the seventh gig in German in eighteen years of band history. Possibly the last with Paradise Lost frontman Nick Holmes, who currently sings for Bloodbath. Unite in Pain!

Unite in Pain

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