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Pappe Of Destiny - Dong Open Air 2014

Pappe Of Destiny,  2014

Art or hullabaloo? Regardless of how you feel about this subject, Pappe of Destiny from Moers are getting in line as another band to show you the door after a day and night of live music. With Papp’n’Roll à la Tenacious D Germany, gallows humor, classic rock battle, or a bit of playback, the band knows how to rock in an authentic manner, even when lip-synching. Pyrotechnics here, neue deutsche Härte there, lots of humoristic details, and making the audience part of the show is what makes our cover band so special. The perfectly arranged light show, great instruments, and props are a must. It is fairly visible on stage that the band love what they do, setting new standards for playback and fire artists. Handmade and from tape – this is spectacular and must happen at Mount Moshmore, even if that means installing 91 000 watts of light in addition to what’s already there. The playback show must go on…