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Ticket Sale for the Dong 23 is running! Amorphis, Angus McSix and Kanonenfieber are running along!

05.02. 2023

Tickets for the Dong Open Air 2023 are available now! Get your Early Bird, Youth (under 18), and parking tickets in our shop while supplies last – and get ready to hear our third wave of announced bands live at the Dong Hill:

Amorphis join the reigns of the Dong 2023 headliners with their current album “Halo”, the most successful one in the German billboard charts in the band's history: 33 years that is, #3 in the charts, third time on the D.O.A - third time's the charm!

Bombastic power metal is on ist way to Dong with Angus McSix! Back in his days as Angus McFife and Gloryhammer, he put on a blast – and seems to promise no less with his new companions from Orden Ogan, Rhapsody of Fire, and Frozen Crown. Can't get any fresher than this: He just dropped their first single “Master of the Universe”!

And we're keeping it fresh: On their recent tour, Kanonenfieber manage to bring the crowds the clubs with their faceless blackened death metal! If you enthusiastically shook your fist to the merciless sound of 1914 at the 2022 Dong, you will also be drawn to Kanonenfieber!

New addition Burden of Grief are not only one of the most senior melodeath bands of Germany, they are also contemporary witness of our race to the hilltop! The guys from Kassel already played the 2003 Dong Open Air, the very first one on the Holy Hill!

Now you know half of the billing and most of the headliners of the twenty-first Dong! Over the coming weeks, we'll introduce the diamonds we fished from the Dong application pool and other great underground highlights, hope to provide you with numerous new discoveries on your playlists!

Be there!
Your Dong Team