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Saltatio Mortis, Eluveitie and Hypocrisy at the Dong 2023!

29.01. 2023

Bäääm! - here they are, the first bands for the 21st Dong Open Air!

No one less than the bandsmen of Saltatio Mortis take the lead in today's band package! Former street musicians and constant guests at medieval fairs, they have come a long way, placing four of their albums as #1 of the German billboard charts and – far more important – rocked the biggest stages of the nation. If this wasn't enough, they recently also did impartial cooperations with Electric Callboy, Hämatom, and FiNCH – all successful, of course. It's high time Saltatio Mortis grace the Dong Hill with their presence!

Once again, we are honored to host one of the most successful pagan metal bands of the world. Especially since Eluveitie managed to raise the roof quite impressively in 2018, 2015, and 2007 at the Dong, we just couldn't resist and had to invite them with their latest album “Ategnatos,” and their brand-new single “Exile of the Gods” yet again.

A first timer on the Hill will be Peter Tägtgren with his fairly legendary band Hypocrisy. However, it is unclear who's more legendary: Peter as a mastermind of Hypocrisy and Pain, producer of Dimmu Borgir, Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Immortal, and many more. Or Hypocrisy, on the other hand, who have been absolutely synonymous with Melodic Death metal since the 90s. Be there in July to figure this out for yourselves!

Damn!escape rush to the rescue from Lüneburg, bringing nothing but the finest kick ass rock. Their debut album “Devil's Friend” will barely be a year old once they get to the Dong, so get ready for some fresh guitar solo fun on stage!

Call of Charon bring a Death Metal blast from steel town Duisburg. Their debut album “Palguebearer” was released in 2019 just before the Pandemic hit. Prior to this, they did however play over 100 shows – quite impressive for sure. A telltale sign of someone who's ready for more and a grand festival summer!

Make sure you set your alarm for this Sunday, when our ticket sale kicks off at 12 noon! And keep your eyes peeled for more bands!

On Fire
Your Dong Team