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Band Package No. 7 finishes the line up!

24.03. 2023

We got a little something for you! A final wave of bands to finalize this great line up!

The Warkings will hold court at the Dong Open Air 2023! The multinational band made up of a Tribune, a Crusader, a Viking, and Spartan are the hottest sh*t, power metal currently has to offer and thus had to be invited.

We also cannot miss out on Motorjesus! The Gladbach based guys and their new album Hellbreaker bolted into the German Top 20 – and their speedrock and stage presence will hit you right in the heart, just like they did when they burnt rubber up the Dong Hill for the first time in 2006.

And since you can't stop at one, we got you a double serving of rock: The Dixie (not the porta-potty brand!) / Rheinland Pfalz rockers of Blessed Hellride are ready to rumble at the Dong Hill and considering their 2019 performance, we couldn't object!

The Dutch thrashers Disquiet hold up the red lantern of anger this year. Did you enjoy the Dong Open Air 2014 trailer soundtrack? That means you'll fit right in with the guys who made it!

Discover all 28 bands of the 2023 Dong Open Air in our band profiles and get your ticket for the 21st edition of our adorable heavy metal festival in lofty heights now.

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